The guys

Eric Anderson

Brew Master & Co-Owner

Graduated from the Master Brewing Program at the Siebel Institute of Technology. Traveled far and wide to learn the craft. Obsessed with quality. Uses creativity and background in microbiology to deliver experimental beers and next generation hybrids.

Brent Zimmerman

CEO & Co-Owner

Graduated from Miami University and the Weatherhead School of Management at Case Western Reserve University. Born Entrepreneur. Beer fanatic. Known for his unbreakable commitment to Cleveland and bringing business opportunities to the community that defy the status quo.

The Brew Tech

The BrauKon system for precision German engineering: it’s efficient, exact and eliminates waste. It doesn’t make the job easier, but makes the potential for the end product to be nothing short of amazing. Completely stainless steel, from the tanks through the draft lines. Because it’s the bulletproof way to deliver the clean, pure flavor of great tasting beer that satisfies.

The Commitment

For Saucy Brew Works, respect for community means being responsible with our resources. The brewery’s systems reduce water use and pre-treat wastewater. Fresh Fork Market uses our spent grains to feed their animals. We in turn will buy their meat — and the world goes round.

Respect also means supporting education. Not only about the world of beer, but educating the next generation of bright minds. That’s why we support Breakthrough Schools, a top performing charter school network in our community that takes a different approach to education. Just like we take a different approach to beer.