Saucy Brew Works Partners with the Cleveland Municipals to Usher in New Era of Cleveland Baseball

Municipals Munich-style Helles Lager to Release April 5, 2021


Saucy Brew Works announced today that they will be supporting the mission to rename the Cleveland Indians the Cleveland Municipals following the team’s decision to change the name announced on December 14, 2020.

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In partnering with the Cleveland Municipals organization, Saucy Brew Works encourages the Indians to adopt the Municipals name in order to appropriately honor the legacy of the historic franchise while authentically representing the city of Cleveland and its people.

To celebrate this new era of Cleveland baseball, Saucy Brew Works will be brewing a second baseball-themed beer following the seasonal release of Stealing Signs. Municipals Munich-style Helles Lager will be released on April 5, 2021, in honor of the Home Opener.

“Given the history and depth behind the Municipals name and the same for the rich Bavarian brewing traditions rooted in Cleveland, I think it’s fitting to pay respect to both by combining them in name and style,” said Eric Anderson, Chief Brewing Officer of Saucy Brew Works. “Munich-Style Helles Lager is a truly gorgeous beer. It holds a special place in my heart as I was fortunate enough to study in Munich and consume several litres. Nearly ten years later I’d find myself hoisting that same lager while inspecting a shiny and Saucy new brewhouse with my friend and business partner, Brent. We schlepped all over town trying every brewery’s version of lager. Saucy hasn’t brewed one yet and we’re certainly up for the challenge.”

The Municipals name references old Municipal Stadium and Cleveland’s sports and cultural heritage, while embracing the spirit of the word "municipal," which means "relating to a city or town." In this way, the Munis honor the hometown loyalty Clevelanders are known for while making clear that our baseball team belongs to and represents all Clevelanders. The name celebrates our shared history, allowing long-time fans to rally behind something familiar while making sure the team’s future is more inclusive than its past.

“In our conversations with the team at Saucy it became very clear that our passion for Cleveland baseball is equaled by their passion for Cleveland beer,” Cleveland Municipals co-founder Will Weible said. “Eric and the brew team have come up with a great beer in a style that reflects Cleveland’s rich brewing history, echoing the Cleveland pride our proposal is rooted in.”

Now is the time for the people of Cleveland to rally around a meaningful new name instead of waiting to see what is decided for us. This new beer celebrates the opportunity for the community to be heard and represented by the team.

“We’re life-long Clevelanders and die-hard fans who have grown up with this team,” said Weible. “We’re glad the organization is taking the step to move on, and we want to make sure the new name appropriately honors one of the most storied franchises in baseball and the fans who have stood by it in good years and bad. Going to the ballpark is one of the most unifying things we do as a city, and we firmly believe that our team name should reciprocate the devotion Clevelanders have for their teams. Above all, this name is a tribute to Cleveland and its people.”

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Shelby Nicholson | 740-258-0938 | [email protected]
Will Weible | 216-288-5191| [email protected]

About Saucy Brew Works

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Saucy Brew Works has opened four additional locations starting in 2019. These include a Taproom in Orange, Ohio, the South Pub in Rocket Mortgage Fieldhouse, and two Brewpubs in Columbus, Ohio and Detroit Michigan.

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In 2020, Saucy Brew Works launched several initiatives designed to provide relief to the hospitality industry and medical workers during the COVID-19 pandemic. Saucy initially launched the Cleveland Tip Jar program that allowed digital “tips” to be sent to local service industry workers whose livelihood was affected by the state-wide shut down. Following this, they initiated “Penny Beers” and “Free Pizza” which offered six-pack offerings for medical staff and essential workers, and free meals to locals in need. As a continuation of their support, Saucy continues these initiatives and are currently working on additional relief funds that support small businesses.

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About the Cleveland Municipals

The Cleveland Municipals organization is dedicated to bringing about a new era of Cleveland baseball in which the team name reflects the franchise’s history, the city of Cleveland, and the loyal fans. The Munis are a grassroots effort led by lifetime fans and native Clevelanders Will Weible and Jamie Lansdowne.

More information about the Cleveland Municipals can be found at Stay connected and join the movement on Twitter and Instagram.