After opening the 2.0 version of Vibe Garden this year, our outdoor beer garden that pairs "fresh beer with fresh air" has been featured in the "Take It Outside" issue of Imbibe Magazine.

"Zimmerman says of the 400-person, socially distant outdoor venue named after its former occupant. It opened last July, the formula of pairing fresh beer with fresh air attracting customers cautiously emerging from the great indoors. “We had early adopters that came and were like, ‘!is is about the best environment you can get,’ ” Zimmerman says. !e Vibe Garden’s initial success laid the groundwork for this year’s 2.0 upgrade, featuring three volleyball leagues, live music, yoga, and a weekend makers’ market. After all this time indoors, “it’s nice being outside, soaking up the sunshine, and enjoying company with each other,” Zimmerman says."

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