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Brand Refresh Announcement

Saucy Brew Works Unveils Vibrant Can Design Refresh

 Cleveland, Ohio: Saucy Brew Works (Saucy), announces a captivating brand refresh set to launch this month. For over six years, Saucy Brew Works has been synonymous with craft beer innovation and consistently delivering brews that push the boundaries of flavor. At the heart of this journey lies the signature “drop” logo, symbolizing not just a brand, but a community united by passion and creativity. 

In this latest evolution, Saucy Brew Works proudly places the ‘drop’ front and center, reimagining it as the focal point of its new beer can designs. The unique design of the ‘drop’ cleverly utilizes negative space, where the shape of the eyes and mouth form the outline of a snifter glass—a hidden element that many may have missed over the years. By deliberately highlighting the drop, the company underscores its commitment to honoring its history while embracing a future brimming with creativity and excitement. 

“The ‘drop’ logo is the heart of our brand, representing our dedication to quality and flavor,” says Joe Baucco, Director of Marketing and Design of Saucy Brew Works. “With this brand refresh, we’re celebrating our roots while charting a course for a visually dynamic future that captures the essence of Saucy Brew Works.” 

For year-round, core beers, vibrant colors will surround the “drop” logo, creating a distinct visual identity for each brew. These lively hues are carefully selected to reflect the unique personality and flavor profile of each core offering, guiding customers to their favorite Saucy experience with ease. In contrast, seasonal releases will feature color within the “drop” itself, adding a dynamic element that evolves with each new release. “In a sea of craft beer, this brand refresh instantly creates a billboard of brand equity,” says Mark Beaver, VP Head of Sales of Saucy Brew Works. “Focusing on our core allows us to be instantly recognized in any cooler set and drives awareness to the Saucy family. This is about doubling down on who we are and getting customers to fall in love with our passion and focus.” 

From a design perspective, the synergy between core and seasonal releases is evident. The consistent use of the “drop” logo ensures immediate brand recognition, while the nuanced variation in color application distinguishes each beer within the lineup. Together, they create a cohesive and visually compelling shelf presence that demands attention. 

“Watching our passion project take new shapes and evolve has been one of the most rewarding parts of Saucy,” says Eric Anderson, Co-Founder & CBO of Saucy Brew Works. “This new branding marks a huge accomplishment for our once little brewery; sleek, color-focused design with an emphasis on the Saucy Drop that has always been who we are and our guiding light. I hope you enjoy this new design and same delicious flavors with friends, family, and cheers those you may not know as this beer is built for community.” 

For more information about Saucy Brew Works and its latest brand refresh, visit and follow @SaucyBrewWorks on all social platforms. 


Founded in 2017, Cleveland-based Saucy Brew Works is a leading craft brewery with six Ohio locations. Committed to excellence, Saucy prioritizes its exceptional team, fostering a culture of innovation and growth. In 2020, Saucy expanded with Saucy Coffee, available at its brewpubs, online, and on Amazon. Recognized for its community-driven efforts, Saucy has received awards for Best Brewery in Cleveland in 2019 and 2024 and an Outstanding Small Business Award in 2020. In December 2022, Saucy Brew Works acquired Cartridge Brewing, enhancing its portfolio with historic roots in Maineville, Ohio. Continuing its expansion, 2024 witnessed the acquisition of Urban Meyer’s Pint House in Dublin, Ohio.