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StartEngine Campaign 2023

Cleveland, Ohio: Saucy Brew Works (Saucy), today announced an exciting opportunity for individuals who share their passion for craft beer and community. Saucy is opening doors to investment opportunities through the StartEngine platform, inviting you to be a part of their journey and become a cherished member of the extended Saucy family.

StartEngine is a leading equity crowdfunding platform that connects innovative companies with passionate investors. With a mission to democratize finance, StartEngine enables businesses to raise capital from a diverse community of supporters who believe in their vision. Joining the Saucy Brew Works family isn’t just about being an investor; it’s about becoming an integral part of their journey, sharing in their successes, and celebrating the passion they have for crafting exceptional brews and fostering community connections.

As Saucy embarks on this exciting new chapter, we are excited to share the perks and benefits awaiting those who choose to invest: When you invest with Saucy, you’re not just a shareholder; you become an integral part of the family. Join us for Investor Day 2024, an exclusive event tailored just for our valued investors. Savor the rich flavors of Saucy Coffee with a complimentary Saucy Coffee Club subscription and proudly display your Saucy pride with exclusive brand merchandise. Receive Saucy Brew Works gift cards to indulge in delicious brews and food, and for those with a passion for brewing, collaborate with Saucy team members to create your own limited-edition brew. 

As a repeat investor, enjoy a 25% bonus as a token of appreciation. Act swiftly during the first 7 days of the investment opportunity being open to unlock an early bird bonus. Invest in Saucy Brew Works through StartEngine and be a part of our journey towards crafting something remarkable. Raise your glasses to the future, one filled with innovation, unforgettable experiences, and, of course, delicious beer. 

To learn more and seize this exciting investment opportunity, visit our StartEngine campaign page

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About Saucy Brew Works

Founded in 2017, Saucy Brew Works is a Cleveland-based craft brewery serving up a wide range of high-quality craft beer. With five locations in Ohio, Saucy Brew Works is firmly founded on a commitment to their first-rate people that, as a team, create consistently superior, quality products. Advocating for change, giving until it hurts, and pushing creative and scientific boundaries all while fostering a positive environment for growth are key pillars in Saucy’s success. In 2020, Saucy expanded its product offering with the introduction of Saucy Coffee— The sub-brand of Saucy Brew Works can be found in any of their four Brewpub/Coffeehouse locations as well as online and on Amazon. In 2019, Saucy was awarded Best Brewery in Cleveland, followed in 2020 with the Outstanding Small Business Award for their community-driven efforts during the pandemic. In December of 2022, Saucy Brew Works announced the acquisition of Cartridge Brewing, Maineville, Ohio’s premier craft brewery with historic roots, nestled along the banks of the Little Miami River.

For more information regarding Saucy, visit and follow @SaucyBrewWorks on all social platforms