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Bold Flavor. Fresh Look.

 Saucy Brew Works has always been synonymous with bold flavors and a distinctive identity. As we embark on a brand refresh, our primary goal is to celebrate and elevate what has been the heart of Saucy for over six years – our iconic “drop” logo. 

Cans lined up in chronological order showing design progression over the years.

 For Saucy year-round, core beers, color will surround the “drop” logo, creating a distinct and recognizable visual identity for each. These bright and lively hues are carefully chosen to reflect the unique personality and flavor profile of each core brew. The color surrounding the “drop” serves as a powerful visual cue on the shelf, guiding our customers to their favorite Saucy experience. 

For Saucy seasonal releases, color will be will featured within the “drop” itself, this intentional shift in design not only maintains the overall brand cohesion but also introduces a dynamic element that evolves with each seasonal release.

Hazy Imperial India Pale Ale

Hazy India Pale Ale